The Quick Way to File Your Taxes

Each year, Americans look for better and faster ways of filing taxes. Fortunately, you can e-file taxes online using programs such as TurboTax that will walk you through your return and even file your return within seconds. The best about about being able to e-file your taxes is that you are alerted when your return is accepted and get your refund much faster if you are owed one.

Software Programs Make Calculations for You

All you need to do is enter the numbers that you see on tax forms such as Form w-2, Form 1099 and any other form that you may have received. Once you have inputted the figures from these paper forms, you will instantly see how much you owe or how much the government owes you. This can be beneficial because any errors in your math could result in a delay getting your refund or even a potential audit.

File Your Federal Return for Free

It may be possible to file your federal income tax return for free when you e-file. It may also be possible to file state income taxes for free if you make less than the income threshold in your state. This can save you anywhere from $30 to $50 or more depending on the type of return that you need to file. Free help creating your return may also be available to those who don’t speak English, are disabled or otherwise need assistance with their return.

Submit Your Return in a Few Clicks

Once you have all your information inputted into your return, it only takes a few clicks to submit it to the state or federal government. TurboTax will even review your return for accuracy and tell you how likely it is that your return may be audited. It may even be possible to pay for audit support in the event that the government wants to know more about your return. After the return has been submitted, you can save it on your computer for your records or print out a copy of the return.

Filing your taxes does not have to be a complicated process. Using computer software and filing online allows you to do your taxes quickly and without a lot of hassle. If you need help, you can get it right away online or contact the appropriate tax agency to learn more.

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