Business Credit Card

Getting and Using Business Credit Cards

Small businesses should all have business credit cards. These allow you to be able to have a credit card which is for use just for your business. It can help you with making daily purchase, managing expenses and to save money. It is all about which business credit card companies you get the credit card through and what offers they are making available.

There are a few things you should be looking for when applying for a small business credit card. Among these include the ability to apply online, fees attached to the account and rewards.

Applying Online

There are certain commercial bank credit card companies which will not allow you to apply for a business credit card online. Contact the credit card ahead of time to see what the availability of this feature is. With the ability to apply online, you will be able to get instant approval for your credit card. You will receive the credit card in the mail about 6-8 weeks later.


There are certain fees which are attached to these kinds of cards. This includes cards which used at a credit card machine. The lower the fees are, the more you will be able to spend on your card. Beware of the cards which feature membership fees and hidden fees as these will accrue without you knowing about it if you are not careful.

Rewards Cards

The business reward card is just as popular with businesses as it is with individuals. Look for those which will allow you to receive rewards for purchasing office supplies. These cards can also be used when booking flights. By accumulating reward miles, you will be able to afford to go on more business trips or to use a free trip as an incentive for employees.

Managing Finances

If you are making most of your purchases with the credit card, you will receive a printed list of all purchases made. This will provide you a finance report you can use for managing spending as well as to create more realistic budgets about the needs of your business.

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